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We have always valued openness and willingness to take on new challenges. Thanks to these qualities, we have been successfully improving our company over the past 15 years. The world doesn’t stand still and needs change. That’s why we have introduced the Remote First work format at P2H.

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What Is the Remote First Format?

The Remote First format assumes that over 90% of the employees work remotely. From now on, the company is based on a distributed cluster. This is a cross-functional team with a high level of goal coordination. Its members work on common tasks remotely from different locations.

All the company’s premises have been converted into coworking spaces. The employees can use these at any time for meetings with their colleagues, brainstorming, or working outside their homes.

All the company’s processes are geared towards remote work and aimed at creating the most comfortable working environment for every employee.


The Remote First Format Benefits

Freedom in Choosing
a Working Place

We impose no restrictions on choosing a location you are going to work from. You can set up your home office or work while traveling. All you need is a well-functioning laptop.

Saving Time
and Resources

Forget about overcrowded subways, traffic jams, or stuffy buses. You no longer need to waste a ton of time on commuting. Your working day ends when you turn off your computer or laptop.

Flexibility in Scheduling
Your Working Day

We have always had a flexible schedule for our employees. They were free to come to the office at a time that suited them best. We continue following this practice with the Remote First format. Within your team, you can agree on the time when your working day begins and start handling your tasks in a way that you find convenient.

Assistance in Setting Up
Your Working Environment

The company provides the required equipment for its employees or offers them a plan for purchasing new equipment. We provide full legal and accounting support for our employees. We also assist them with setting up a remote working place.

The P2H Coworking

If you need to work outside your home or meet with your team, you can always use one of our coworking spaces. All you have to do is book a spot. Working stations, testing gadgets, tea, coffee, and a cozy atmosphere are waiting for you.

An Opportunity to Maintain
the Work-Life Balance

The Remote First format frees up time, which you can devote to your family, friends, and hobbies.


Why Did We Choose
the Remote First Format?

An opportunity to hire the best professionals from any location across the country or even the globe.

If we find people who share all our values and goals, it’s essential for us to make them part of our team. Distances should not stand in the way of cooperation like this.

Successful Remote Work Experience

We had been considering adopting the remote work format for a long time. The quarantine measures taken to curb the spread of COVID-19 expedited this process. For over three months, the employees worked remotely. This didn’t affect the high efficiency and quality of our services in any way.

The Employees’ Positive Feedback on the Remote Work Format

Before adopting the Remote First format, we’d asked our employees’ opinions about remote work. More than 60% reported a positive experience of working from home, citing an increased amount of free time and more stable work-life balance.

An Opportunity to Keep Pace with Global Developments

The modern world is undergoing a transformation. This poses new challenges both for companies and their staff. Remote work is no longer viewed as something experimental. This practice is more often adopted by companies that want to give their employees the opportunity to take charge of their own working conditions.

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