Working With Digital Agencies

Working with digital agencies at P2H

Getting a large number of requests is probably one of the key goals of any digital agency. However, in order to get new orders, a company has to grow. Often, an agency scales by expanding its in-house team. This can become an obstacle on the way to growth. The process of recruiting and training new employees calls for additional resources. Besides, new processes need to be built or scaled specifically for the team. What to do, though, if the flow of tasks increases and an urgent solution has to be found in order to handle them all? Putting together a team or acquiring appropriate expertise within a short time frame is challenging. This, however, is not a reason to forgo expansion plans. For situations like those, we have a ready-made solution that has shown its efficiency over the years.

We’ve been building our service model so that each of our clients can have an opportunity to obtain the resources needed at any time to work on projects of any complexity. This means that we’re always ready to help in cases when an agency’s potential for growth is blocked by a lack of resources or expertise. Our company employs over 400 highly skilled professionals always ready to join in the work on your project. We have developed a whole range of cooperation formats to enable us to solve the most complex problems that require varied expertise. We have described these formats for you below. First, though, we would like to take a closer look at the needs that digital agencies expect P2H to meet.

What Needs Do Digital Agencies Expect P2H to Meet?

We help our clients handle peak loads by supplementing their in-house teams. Situations when a flow of projects unexpectedly increases are not rare. However, this doesn’t mean that extra projects have to be turned down. Their development can always be assigned to us. This helps our clients maintain their reputation of a reliable partner in their own clients’ eyes.

There are other situations when an agency needs to increase its capacity on a regular basis. In this case, possible solutions include expanding the in-house team or involving a vendor. The practice shows that engaging a vendor is a more cost-effective process. Therefore, our clients prefer establishing long-term partnerships with P2H.

Our clients often turn to us with the need to extend their expertise and handle projects with requirements they have never had to deal with before. We have also had clients without their own development team. For an agency like that, P2H can become a kind of IT expertise base.

How Does It Work?

We always have a pool of readily available developers. This enables us to start working on new projects fast and to be always prepared for peak loads. All our processes are aimed at providing services in a format that a client finds the most suitable. Flexibility is one of our key benefits. This flexibility and the ability to handle new requests without delay are possible thanks to the huge number of developers our company employs.

We have been building our processes so that they enable us to integrate into a client’s processes fast. Our clients can ask us to provide as many resources as they need. Besides, these are on-demand resources, which saves our clients from having to pay for a team’s downtime.

What Cooperation Formats Does P2H Offer to Agencies?

  • Ad-hoc. This assumes that you can contact us with your request whenever you want. This format will help you handle your peak loads.
  • ASAP Development. Hard-to-meet deadlines and urgent updates are nothing new in today’s fast-paced world. We learned to deal with them a long time ago. Our clients can always send us requests for 2–4 times faster development of their projects.
  • No-commitment partnership. You can always expect to have the same team working on your next project. We know how important it is for developers to understand not only the details of a specific task but also be aware of the overall client’s context. Therefore, we assign your projects to the team you are used to working with.
  • If you need developers or a separate team to work full time for you, we have dedicated team services. We can put together a team with the required expertise to quickly adapt to your workflows.

What we have described in this post only represents the key vectors of our possible cooperation with you. The flexibility of our approaches and a high level of adaptability to new processes enable us to offer you a much wider range of cooperation formats. If you need a personalized approach, we’ll be happy to discuss possible ways to implement it. We are always ready for challenging tasks and greatly enjoy handling them. Contact us with your requests. We’ll be happy to take on their fulfillment.