Shopify Development at P2H: Expertise Growth and the Main Benefits for Clients

Shopify development expertise growth at P2H

According to some forecasts, the share of Internet users who shop online will increase to 65% in 2020. This is over 2 billion people. The current global crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19 lends even more credibility to such projections. The quarantine measures imposed in almost all countries have impacted both demand and supply. Many businesses are unable to sell their goods offline, so they have switched the focus to e-commerce solutions. Now, simply having an online presence to promote a brand is not enough. It’s also necessary to organize sales by adapting to the new process. In this connection, two questions have arisen: “How to move a business to the Internet fast, and what e-commerce platform would be the most effective?”

Since 2008, our company has been working on Shopify projects for our clients. Over this time, we’ve been able to master all the niceties of this platform. We can confidently say that it can rise to all the challenges this crisis situation poses. More than 1 million business owners who already use Shopify share this opinion.

We couldn’t help but notice an increased demand for Shopify development. We have always had a team that specializes in this platform. Over the past six months, however, we’ve been actively expanding it in order to meet all of our clients’ requests amid the growing popularity of this technology. In this post, we would like to tell you about the development of Shopify expertise in our company and the benefits that you can get by choosing us as your development partner.

Shopify Expertise as a Response to Increased Demand for E-Commerce Development Among Clients

In one of the previous posts, we wrote about our e-commerce cluster. This is a big cross-functional team that serves as the center of Shopify expertise development in the company.

The basis of our service model is working with your needs. We find it important to understand what problems you are facing and what tasks you want us to handle. As soon as we see a new need, we immediately build a process to meet it. This is how we can guarantee you a predictable result. For example, the creation of a separate e-commerce cluster was motivated by a growing number of requests for developing online stores. All the required expertise was accumulated in one place, and a process was built to solve e-commerce-specific problems.

The experience of working with clients’ needs was applied to the cluster. That’s why when we saw a demand for Shopify development, we immediately built a separate process to satisfy it. It was not simply about providing sufficient resources to accommodate an influx of requests. Our clients needed an expert who would also be able to implement complex and custom Shopify designs, and we became an expert like this.

How We Developed Shopify Expertise in Our Company

As we said above, we’ve had Shopify expertise for a long time. We decided to expand and deepen it as the number of clients’ requests grew. Over the past six months, we’ve made a number of steps to achieve these goals.

First, we put together a separate Shopify development team within the e-commerce cluster. It formed a core around which the expertise developed.

To allow the team to continue growing professionally and stay updated on the latest trends, we invited an experienced Shopify developer. He took on the technical lead position and is now responsible for broadening the team’s expertise, ensuring development efficiency, improving developers’ knowledge, monitoring the Shopify development updates, and applying them to the cluster’s working process. The tech lead also handles development tasks himself and regularly participates in working on complicated projects.

We are now actively engaged in the expansion of the Shopify development team by adding to it our employees who want to grow in this direction. This means that we offer you verified developers who we have trained ourselves.

We have been rewarded for our efforts. The team already has 5 certified Shopify developers, and we have completed over 300 Shopify projects to date. We have had to work on all kinds of tasks:

  • Small projects that take 1–2 weeks to complete. This assumed implementing the Shopify standard functionality without any serious customizations.
  • Large, complex projects with elaborate functionality. This saw us customizing ready-made solutions or developing our own. Work like this takes longer since it requires extra effort to write specific business logic.
  • Updating and refining existing sites. 

What You Get When You Choose Us as Your Shopify Partner

We have made a great deal of effort to provide the best Shopify development service to you, and now we can guarantee the following benefits.

  • Fast online start for your business. We have always put a great emphasis on process optimization. Now we can offer you a solution that will allow you to have an up-and-running Internet store within a short time after its development begins.
  • Fast estimated time of arrival. We can begin development work on the day we receive the project tasks. You will never have to stand in line and can always count on a fast start of your project.
  • Development with custom design implementation. If you want to implement a unique design with specific features, we are always ready to help you with that. In this case, we don’t use ready-made themes. We develop our own solution to meet specific requirements of your project.
  • Several options of a solution for the product under development. We don’t only give you an estimate according to a provided design. We find it important to help you meet your needs to the fullest. This is why we offer you alternative solutions or various development scenarios. For example, in some cases, we can use the standard Shopify functionality instead of a complicated solution that you may want to apply. In other cases, we implement a more complex custom solution in order to handle the task.
  • ASAP development for projects with tight deadlines. If you need a rush project completed as soon as possible, we can speed up the development process. Our parallel development methodology allows several professionals to be concurrently working on the same project. This enables us to reduce the development time considerably without compromising on the end product’s quality.
  • A detailed guide on working with our Shopify solution, if one is required. For instance, if you have never worked with Shopify before, we always prepare a user manual so that you can efficiently manage the solution we offer.

The Bottom Line

The current crisis calls for businesses to produce very quick and, at the same time, efficient solutions. To achieve such a fine balance, engaging the best experts in a corresponding area is necessary. Shopify development is no exception. We are well aware of how important it is for you to be able to keep your business running and retain all your competitive benefits. Therefore, we are ready to apply all of our knowledge and experience to help you put your ideas into practice. We approach projects with full commitment and willingness to deliver the best client experience, regardless of whether it is a small site or a complex custom request.

P2H can make a fully functional and beautifully designed Shopify store within a short time frame. Our team will be happy to take on your project. Start your online business today!