Traditional hiring doesn't work
for fast-growing digital & marketing agencies

Complement your core in-house staff with P2H development team.


In-house teams tie agencies down and prevent them from growing.


It takes a lot of time to search, interview and select a front-end professional of needed qualification. Moreover, it takes a while before a new employee starts working.


Hiring in-house means long-term commitments. In-house development teams can't be shrunk or expanded easily.


Besides being expensive itself (salary, taxes, insurance, office space, etc) traditional hiring requires extra people just to be on the safe side.

How fast-growing agencies avoid the traditional in-house team trap

Hire in-house core team only

P2H has nearly unlimited facilities for team augmentation

Select a reliable vendor

P2H completed over 32,692 projects for 10,533 clients over the last 5 years

Outsource as needed

P2H offers several convenient engagement models

Being a U.S. based company P2H Inc. can handle all the legal paperwork required by the client. This includes signing contracts, NDAs, SOWs, etc. We offer convenient payment terms: from pre-payments up to NET30 post-payments.

How digital & marketing agencies use P2H

  • Ad-hoc

    They send us various projects when needed without prior notice. P2H is always capable of handling the work as it comes to us.

    How is it possible? Our team of over 470 people is capable of managing significant resources to handle each and every project. Start a project

  • ASAP Development

    They use the P2H ASAP team to catch even badly missed deadlines.

    How is it possible? We use a unique approach for simultaneous coding by 2, 3, or 4 developers. The ASAP team also works overtime when needed. Start a project

  • No-commitment partnership

    They use P2H to handle a significant part of development work. We provide a team familiar with client’s preferences and process requirements at no additional cost.

    How is it possible? We tend to assign work from the same client to the same team. Therefore, from the moment a client starts sending us a significant amount of work, we already have a team in place that is familiar with his preferences. Get in touch

  • Same developers at any time

    They commit to a low-budget subscription that allows using exactly the same developers each time.

    How is it possible? When you have a subscription we assign specific developers to your projects so that any time you need work done, you can count on the same expertise that you are already used to. This ensures consistency in your results. Learn more

  • Dedicated hours

    They use dedicated hours when there is no need to hire the team on a full-time basis.

    Learn more
  • Dedicated team

    For longer and more complex projects they use full-time remote teams utilizing scrum and agile approaches.

    Learn more

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